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Nicaragua , Monday 24 February 2020

News Nicaragua Chinandega: Nicaragua arrests three suspects in weekend attack on bridge

Published on: Tuesday 24 September 2019
Nicaragua arrests three suspects in weekend attack on bridge
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Nicaraguan police have arrested three men on suspicion of planting explosives on a bridge leading to the country's most important port that was damaged in a weekend blast, friends and relatives of the detainees said on Tuesday. The bridge to Puerto Corinto in western Nicaragua suffered cracks in

News Nicaragua Chinandega: A Surf Trip to Nicaragua

Published on: Friday 31 May 2019
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As for the northern coastline, visitors will encounter decent breaks in Leon and Chinandega. Nicaragua's tropical climate is defined by shifts between rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season spans May ...

News Nicaragua Chinandega: Nonprofit holds pizza fundraiser

Published on: Monday 03 June 2019
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Somos Ohana Nicaragua, a local nonprofit that builds schools and brings ... the people of small villages in the municipality of Villanueva in the Department of Chinandega. The group offers free weekly ...

News Nicaragua Chinandega: Opposition deems strike in Nicaragua a success

Published on: Friday 24 May 2019
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The streets of Nicaragua's main cities were empty and ... particularly noticeable in cities such as Camoapa, Chichigalpa, Chinandega, Ciudad Sandino, El Viejo, Granada, Jinotepe, León, Nueva ...