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Nicaragua , Monday 24 February 2020

News Nicaragua Chontales: Exiles Who Return to Nicaragua Suffer More Hardship

Published on: Tuesday 24 September 2019
Exiles Who Return to Nicaragua Suffer More Hardship
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They fled Nicaragua to save their lives, hold onto their freedom and their physical integrity. In exile, some slept on the cold streets of the Costa Rican capital with empty stomachs. Others, from the United States, fostered the international denunciation of the violations of the Ortega-Murillo regime.

News Nicaragua Chontales: 2-Day Nicaragua Truce Starts; Clashes Reported

Published on: Saturday 27 April 2019
2-Day Nicaragua Truce Starts; Clashes Reported
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But members of a cattle cooperative in central Nicaragua said Contras attacked it early Thursday morning. Report Assault Repelled Members of the Villa Sandino cooperative, 127 miles east of Managua in ...

News Nicaragua Chontales: Contras Resist Rights Probe, Officials Say

Published on: Sunday 07 April 2019
Contras Resist Rights Probe, Officials Say
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Case of Captured Civilians The case she said seems to have most angered the contra leaders occurred in Cuapa, in Nicaragua's Chontales province, in 1985 and involved a number of captured civilians who ...

News Nicaragua Chontales: With Unrest at Home, Some Nicaraguans Flee to US

Published on: Tuesday 29 January 2019
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Nicaragua erupted in turmoil last April after the government ... Perez was a pediatrician at a public hospital in the central province of Chontales and was told not to treat protesters when the ...

News Nicaragua Chontales: Nicaraguan Exiles 2.0: Escaping 'Cruelty That Surpasses Anything We've Seen.'

Published on: Sunday 17 February 2019
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READ MORE: Nicaragua's Ortega Has 'Vindicated' Himself ... Which is why, when Espinoza heard Nicaraguan protesters from his rural home province of Chontales needed refuge, he took two of them into his ...

News Nicaragua Chontales: IMPORTANT FROM NICARAGUA.; Discovery of Rich Gold Mines Expected Emigration from California Free Colored Emigration to the Mosquito Coast.

Published on: Saturday 27 April 2019
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GRANADA, Nicaragua, Tuesday, March 27, 1861. Exceedingly rich gold mines have lately been discovered in the the department of Chontales in this State, and great numbers of persons have gone thither. ...

News Nicaragua Chontales: Contras Open New Front, Face Sandinista Gunships

Published on: Sunday 14 April 2019
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On the other hand, he said, the concentration of Sandinista forces in the north has helped permit Boaco and Chontales to become "a target of opportunity" for the contras. The analyst estimated that a ...